At LDN, we offer a variety of protective window films for commercial and domestic properties.

During the summer months, solar heat gain entering through windows can rise above optimum temperatures causing a lot of discomfort. Excessive glare and UV rays are also an issue.

Excessive glare can also cause a number of problems creating uncomfortable environments that can lead to employee fatigue and a reduction in productivity. Harmful UV rays not only cause damage to your skin but also to furniture causing them to age and fade rapidly.

During the winter months, heat can escape through your windows causing an increase in energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Solar heat and glare is an all year round problem that can be fixed with Solar Film.

Solar Film has many benefits that help protect you and those around you. It provides a shield to block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, up to 86% of solar heat build-up and up 95% of sun glare which will help create a much more comfortable environment to work or relax in.

It also helps to prevent heat from escaping out of the windows in the winter months helping you save on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. All of this can be achieved without changing the appearance or taking any natural light away from the inside of your property. Save on bills and stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Your all-year-round comfort and protection is just one click away.

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